This section contains commonly asked questions about the Gokart project.

  1. Where can i find the Bill of Materials?

The Bill of Materials(BOM) with all it’s links can be found in Bill of Materials. This has all the parts that are required to build the Gokart and is divided into different sheets. So make sure that you check out all of them before delving deep into building the kart.

  1. Where can i find the CAD files and the PCB designs?

The CAD files and the PCB designs can be found scattered throughout the Build-the-Kart section. Specifically, they will be concentrated in subsystems such as TBW, SBW and more. For convenience, we have also added a link to the important files below.

  1. Where can i find the code for the Gokart?

All the code is organized into 2 main repositories. The first is the firmware code i.e. the controller code as well as CAD files for the systems hosted on github. Second one being the high level controller code i.e. the code that drives the Gokart such as Pure Pursuit controller, SLAM and more. They are given below for convenience.

  1. What parts can I replace and build my own custom design?

We being Engineers believe anything can be customized and changed. However, for the sake of this project we have been very elaborate about the design of each sub component. Thus, our advice is to follow the documentation as closely as possible. We are constantly working on improving the system and would add any experiments with new hardware here right away. Do not do substitutions unless you are not sure. We would not be able to help out in such a case!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at: rahulm@seas.upenn.edu