In this page, we will document the whole process on how to build the Gokart project from scratch. We will go through the whole Electrical & Mechanical pipeline and then move on to testing the stack by running pre-build software algorithms. The tutorial is structured such that the researcher/student looking to build this platform has an overview of the whole system and at the same time deep dive into any particular category of interest at any point in time.


  • 1.0: Initial version : Purchased from TopKart

  • 2.0: 2022 version : Autonomous reactive Gokart

  • 3.0: 2023 version : Autonomous Gokart


Make your own Autonomous Go-kart (Steps)

Following steps take you to individual sections of the tutorial:

  1. Step 1 Bill of Materials

  2. Step 2 Software Requirements

    1. SolidWorks

    2. VSCode or editor of your choice

    3. STM32CubeIDE

    4. VESC tool

    5. Altium Designer

    6. 3D printer software like MakerBot

  3. Step 3 : Vehicle Assembly

    1. Build the TopKart

    2. Test manual control

    3. Remove the motor

    4. Remove the front and rear plastic bumps

    5. Remove steering system

  4. Step 4Subsystem designs
    1. Throttle-by-Wire (TBW)
    2. Brake-by-Wire (BBW)
    3. Steer-by-Wire (SBW)
    4. Main Control Electrical Subsystem (Main Control Unit)

    5. Battery Assembly

    6. Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
    7. Rear shelf design (RSD)
  5. Step 5Vehicle System Integration - Putting it all together!
    1. Compute & Sensing

    2. Communications

    3. MCU

    4. Control

  6. Step 6 : Demo videos
    1. Demo videos